For the BMW R1200 LC liquid cooled series, I added the seal for the piston. Seals tend to leak from time to time, so swapping in a new one when also fitting a new clutch, is a good ideea 🙂

Attention, this only includes the seal, not the whole assembly(piston and cylinder)! Basically, the seal can start to leak, the piston and cylinder never touch and there is no need to replace them.

The OEM part number for the cylinder that the seal fits to is 21528525828 and it’s found on the following bikes:

  • K50 (R 1200 GS, R 1250 GS)   (10/2011 — 12/2019)
  • K51 (R 1200 GS Adv., R 1250 GS Adv.)   (09/2012 — 12/2019)
  • K52 (R 1200 RT, R 1250 RT)   (01/2013 — 12/2019)
  • K53 (R 1200 R, R 1250 R)   (11/2013 — 12/2019)
  • K54 (R 1200 RS, R 1250 RS)   (06/2014 — 12/2019)

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