These bobbins fit the F800 series that use twin brake rotors on the front side (OEM part# 34117713131):

K70 (F 700 GS) (06/2011 — 12/2017)

K72 (F 650 GS, F 800 GS) (10/2006 — 01/2018)

K75 (F 800 GS Adventure) (05/2012 — 12/2017)

R13 (G 650 GS) (04/2010 — 10/2015)

R13 (G 650 GS Sertão) (07/2010 — 11/2014)

If you are not sure if your bike needs this, drop a comment in the Contact Us section.

The front brake rotors can develop play, rotational and axial. Axial play is normal/expected, rotational is not. This product includes the 20 needed bobbins and 20 stainless steel e-clips.

These bobbins are made of hard grade aluminum, anodized.

This is a tutorial on how to fit these bobbins to the bike.

The price is 66.00$, shipping included, worldwide!

We have bobbins for other BMW models, just use the email and let me know for what bike do you need them.

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