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Older oilheads and even hexheads start to get old and somehow start to rust. Time is passing by and the bikes are not getting any younger. The 850/1100/1150 models even have a poor design around the rear brake bleeder, allowing dirt and water to make the bleeder to start rusting even sooner.

So I came up with these stainless steel bleeders, made in M8 thread instead of the OEM fragile M6. You can tighten this one without worrying that you can make two instead of one. Of course, you don’t have to demonstrate your strength on them, but you get the point. They come with the needed copper washers and, as a bonus, a heat shield that never else have I seen for sale and, in my opinion, is needed, on the rear rotor. It happened not once that I lost the rear brake because of heat getting to the brake fluid. Not a problem anymore, you mount this on the active piston side, between the brake pad and the pistons and heat does not get to the rest of the braking system as it used to, when riding aggressively and braking even more aggressively.

There are different bleeders for the 850/11xx bikes and the 1200 bikes, so please specify the bike model you want to fit it to.

OEM parts would be:







Note that for the oilheads, it comes completely with the part that threads into the brake caliper, you can’t buy that one separately from BMW.

Regarding fitting them, you will need to flush and bleed the rear circuit. On servo equipped bikes, you will have to take off the tank and get brake fluid into the ABS unit like during a usual brake fluid change.

Regarding torques, you can use the ones specified in the manual – 24Nm for the 1200 bikes(the part that screws into the caliper); for oilheads, there is no torque specified, you’ll have to tighten it by feel.

So don’t wait till the bleeder on your bike breaks, get the solid stainless steel one now.

The price is 24$, shipping included, worldwide.

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