Worn out 1150 boxer gearbox input shaft?

All those years working on 1150 bikes, some of them having the gearbox input shaft in perfect shape, some having it worn out… Weird, right? Cars and trucks have a different way of connecting the engine to the gearbox, the clutch is somehow floating, there is an intermediate shaft and miss-alignment issues just do not […]


R1100 broken gearbox mount fix

I have done this a couple of years ago and I have had to do it again today.The R1100 series suffers from a weak gearbox mount at the rear end, where the tubular frame fits to it. That is why we have to benefit from the Touratech hard parts. If you have not already done […]


R1200GS LC 2013 alternator swap

Good day to you all!I was under the impression that the 2013/14 models had the 15 coils alternator, which failed, which BMW update to the 21 windings later, superior model.The bike in question is a 2013 spring edition, that did not want to charge the battery anymore. The red triangle on the dash, and the […]


Wiring auxiliary lights to your bike

Now that you have purchased and fitted the lights, it’s time to have them wired CORRECTLY to the bike, so that everything is safe and you can enjoy them years ahead in time. As a general rule, I always try and make the harness removable, so if I undo it from the bike, there would […]


Oil sight glass removal

I know that there are countless threads about this, but after changing a few of these, here is what I have found to be the easiest way, yet. I have changed the oil level glass on my old 1100RT as part as a winter maintenance, together with some other stuff like heated grips, hard brake […]