Oil sight glass removal

I know that there are countless threads about this, but after changing a few of these, here is what I have found to be the easiest way, yet.

I have changed the oil level glass on my old 1100RT as part as a winter maintenance, together with some other stuff like heated grips, hard brake lines, etc.

The bike has fresh oil inside the engine and I did not want to drain it. So I have leaned the bike over a stool on it’s R/H side valve cover.


I had to add some spacers under the wheels, in order for the lean angle to permit me not to spill the oil once the glass was removed.

As always, I broke the old glass using a large flat screwdriver(first I have cleaned the area surrounding it using brake cleaner):


The result:


Cleaned the pieces from the seal:


Now for removing the seal… During the years, I have noticed that some seals come off easily, some you need to convince them to come off. Especially on the 1200 hexhead series, they thend to get stuck in there.
IMHO, the secret is to pry it out evenly, since the edge is hard metal, getting it side after side is not really the best approach.

So that is why I am using the bearing extractor kit. This allows a straight, even, dismount:


Putting the tool together, feels like a sniper assembling a rifle 


One pull and it came right off:


All the puzzle pieces together:


You can almost see it’s heart beating inside:


For putting the new one in, I have used the bushing made for the triple clamp bearing insert, it fitted right over the new seal:


And voila!


I can only hope that the bike will last 23 more years with this new seal on 



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